Arunachalam Giri Pradakshinam 2024 : Online Tips and Timings

The Arunachalam Temple in Tiruvannamalai is revered as one of the sacred Shiva shrines representing the element of Fire among the Panchaboota Lingams (Five Elements) in Hinduism. Legend has it that Lord Shiva manifested as a fiery column to illuminate the universe, resolving a moment when darkness enveloped all existence due to a playful act by Lady Parvati.


In another tale, when Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu sought to determine their superiority, Lord Shiva appeared as a towering pillar of light between them, challenging them to find its origins. Vishnu took the form of Varaha, delving deep into the earth but couldn’t reach its source, humbled by the infinite nature of Shiva’s manifestation.These stories highlight the divine significance of Arunachalam Temple and its association with the essence of light and creation in Hindu mythology.

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Routes To Visit The Arunachalam

To reach Arunachala Shiva temple in Tiruvannamalai:

By Bus:
You can travel to Tiruvannamalai town by bus from Chennai, Madurai, Kanchipuram, Tirupati, Puducherry (Pondicherry), and Vellore.

By Train:
The nearest railway stations are Tindivanam Junction, Jolarpettai Junction, and Villupuram Junction. The station code for Tiruvannamalai is TNM.

By Air:
For international travelers, the closest airports are in Chennai and Madurai.

These options provide convenient ways to reach the sacred Arunachala Shiva temple complex in Tiruvannamalai, located in Tamil Nadu known for its rich heritage of Shiva temples.

Preferred TimingsDescription
Early Morning4:00 AM is a preferred time to start the Giri Pradakshina.
Evening4:00 PM is another suitable time to begin the walk.
Late Night10:00 PM onwards is also recommended for starting the Pradakshina.

Significance Of Arunachalam Temple

The Giri Pradakshinam, or circumambulation of Arunachala Hill, holds profound significance for Hindus. It is believed that since Lord Arunachaleswara manifested atop this mountain, every part of its base is considered sacred. Apart from Mount Kailasa, the only other place where this practice is observed in India is Tiruvannamalai.

Sri Ramana Maharshi, a revered spiritual figure encouraged his followers to perform Giri Pradakshina around Arunachala Hill as a form of spiritual discipline. Many devotees, whether aware or not of its sanctity, have reported spiritual blessings and inner peace upon chanting “OM Arunachaleswaraya namaha!” during their Pradakshina.

While devotees can perform Giri Pradakshina on any day, the Full Moon day (Pournami) attracts a large number of pilgrims. On average, around 3 lakh (300,000) people visit on Full Moon days, and during Kartika Pournami, this number can swell to between 1 to 1.6 million, reflecting the deep reverence and significance of this sacred practice.

How To begin the Giri Pradakshina at Arunachalam in Tiruvannamalai

To begin the Giri Pradakshina at Arunachalam in Tiruvannamalai:

  1. Start Point: The starting point is at the West Gopuram of Sri Arunachaleswarar temple complex.
  2. Preparation: Before starting, it’s customary to visit the main Arunachala Temple. Offer a coconut and light a camphor as a symbolic gesture.
  3. Procedure: Carry a Japamala (prayer beads) and chant “OM ARUNACHALESWARAAYA NAMAHAA!” as you walk around the sacred hill. Devotees chant this mantra to invoke blessings and spiritual clarity.
  4. Distance: The entire path of Giri Pradakshina is approximately 15 kilometers. Along the way, there are 8 small Shiva temples representing the eight directions around the holy mountain.
  5. Completion: Once you complete the circumambulation, visit the temple entry gate for darshan (viewing) of Sri Arunachaleswarar Swamy and Unnamalai Ammal, the presiding deities of the temple.

This spiritual journey around Arunachala Hill is revered for its sanctity and is undertaken by devotees seeking spiritual fulfillment and blessings from Lord Shiva.

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