TTD Kalyana Vedika 2024: Hindu Marriage Online Booking

TTD Kalyana Vedika is a special service provided by the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD). It’s a program that helps couples get married at the holy place of Tirumala. This place is very important for many people who follow the Hindu religion. Through Kalyana Vedika couples are able to have their own wedding in a sacred way. They can book a time for their marriage online. This makes it easy for them to plan their big day. The best part is that it does not cost much money.

TTD Kalyana Vedika

This means more people can get married there without spending a lot. The TTD has some rules for the weddings at Kalyana Vedika. The bride and groom must both be Hindu not other religion like christian and muslims. They also have to be old enough to get married. The bride must be at least 18 years old and the groom must be at least 21 years old. They need to show proof of their age and where they live.

Their parents should be there on the wedding day. If the parents have passed away, then other family members can come instead. The TTD does not allow love marriages or second marriages in this program. After the wedding, the couple gets a special visit to the temple and some gifts from TTD. They also get help to make their marriage official with a certificate.

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The Main Instructions To Be Notice While TTD Kalyana Vedika

To organize a Hindu marriage at TTD Kalyana Vedika, certain guidelines must be followed:TTD Kalyana Vedika

  • The bride and groom must be Hindus and have mutual family consent.
  • They should be at least 18 (bride) and 21 (groom) years old.
  • Certificates and identity proofs like Aadhar card or Voter card are required.
  • If parents are absent, guardians can stand in with proper evidence of their relationship.
  • Group ceremonial marriages may be arranged based on demand.
  • After the marriage, six individuals including the couple and their parents or guardians are given Seegra Darshan of Rs. 300.
  • The newlyweds receive blessings in the form of Prasadams, Pasupu, and Kumkum from the lord.
  • Marriage registration certificates can be obtained from the nearby registration office.

The Overview of the Kalyana Vedika

EligibilityBride (min. 18 years), Groom (min. 21 years); Both must belong to Hindu religion.
Booking Window90 days before or 3 days before the marriage date
Required DocumentsAge proof, Residential Address proof, Unmarried certificate, Parent’s Aadhaar Card/Death Certificate.
Marriage GuidelinesLove and second marriages not permitted. Group marriages possible on demand.
Darshan FacilityFree Special Entry Darshan for six persons (Bride, Groom, four others).
AccommodationOne ₹50 room free for 24 hours; additional rooms subject to availability.
Additional ServicesPasupu, Kumkuma, Kankanams, and Prasadam provided by TTD.
Marriage CertificateObtainable using the receipt from the marriage registration office at Tirumala.
Contact InformationCall centre: +91-877-2233333/77777, Helpdesk: +91-8772263433, Email:

Price list Of Kalyana Vedika


ItemPrice (Approximate)
Hall Rental (Per Day)₹10,000 – ₹20,000
Catering (Per Plate)₹300 – ₹1,000
Decoration₹5,000 – ₹20,000
Photography₹5,000 – ₹15,000
Videography₹7,000 – ₹20,000
Music System₹2,000 – ₹5,000
Additional Services (if any)Price varies based on service

This table outlines the approximate prices for different services associated with Kalyana Vedika including hall rental, catering, decoration, photography, videography, music system and any additional services that may be required. Prices can vary based on location, specific requirements, and service providers.

Online Bookings process For Booking The TTD Kalyana Vedika

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) using your web browser.
Official website
  • You will reach the homepage after that you need to navigate through the website to locate the E Kalyana Vedika link or section. This might be under a specific category like “Services” or “Marriage Services.”
Kalyana Vedika option
  • Therefore when you are in the E Kalyana Vedika page choose the date for your marriage ceremony from the available options. This date should be a muhurtham date, which is considered to be the auspicious for weddings in Hindu tradition. Make sure to carefully select the date that suits your preferences.
Applying process
  • Before proceeding you will likely need to read and agree to the terms and conditions set by TTD for booking the E Kalyana Vedika. This could involve policies related to booking, cancellation and other regulations.
TTD Kalyana Vedika
  • Enter the required information about the bride and groom in the provided fields. This may include their names, ages, addresses, identification details (such as Aadhar card or Voter ID) and any other relevant information.
Continue button
  • Review the information you’ve provided to ensure accuracy. Double check spellings, dates and other details to avoid any errors.
  • Once you are satisfied with the details entered, proceed to confirm your booking. This might involve clicking on a “Confirm” or “Proceed” button. After confirmation, you should receive a reservation slip or confirmation email containing the details of your booking.

By following these steps you can successfully book the TTD E-Kalyana Vedika for your marriage ceremony in Tirumala

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a marriage slot via TTD Kalyana Vedika?

  • You can book a marriage slot through the TTD website or directly approach Kalyana Vedika at least six hours before the event

What is the cost of a TTD Kalyana Vedika Marriage?

  • TTD Kalyana Vedika facilitates registered Hindu marriages free of cost.

What documents are required for booking?

  • To book a marriage slot, you’ will need to provide the following documents:
    • Certificates of age for both the bride and groom (any one of school certificate, birth certificate, PAN card or passport).
    • Certificate relating to proof of residential address (Aadhaar card or residential certificate obtained from the concerned Thasildar).
    • Unmarried certificate obtained from the authorities (MRO/Thasildhar).
    • Parents of the bride and groom must be present at the time of marriage. If a parent is deceased, the other parent or guardians can attend with appropriate documentation.
    • Love marriages and second marriages are not permitted.

What happens after the marriage is completed?

  • After the marriage is completed at Kalyana Vedika TTD will issue a receipt of darshan.
  • Six persons are allowed for darshan at no cost through Special Entry Darshan (₹300) ‘Q’ line entry in Tirumala. This includes the bride, groom, and four other persons (parents/guardians of the couple).
  • A free room (₹50/- room) will be provided for 24 hours, with the option to extend for a second day (additional payment required).
  • Pilgrims can use the same darshan receipt to obtain the marriage certificate from the government registration office in Tirumala.
  • TTD will provide Pasupu, Kumkuma, Kankanams, and prasadam to the couples

For any further inquiries, you can contact the TTD Call Centre at +91-877-2233333/77777 or the Helpdesk at +91-877-2263433 (available 24×7) or email

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