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The Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vaikunta Dwara Darshanam is available to devotees exclusively on Vaikunta Ekadasi, a significant day in the Hindu calendar. This annual event holds special importance for Vaishnavas visiting temples, with Tirumala being the largest Vaishnava temple globally.

Vaikunta Ekadasi

This year TTD has decided to issue approximately 800,000 tickets over a span of 10 days starting from January 2nd. Devotees can participate in this auspicious darshan by following the online booking process for Vaikunta Dwara Darsanam tickets.

TTD Sahasra Deepalankarana Online tickets Online Booking 2024

Vaikunta Ekadasi Vaikunta Dwaara Darshan Importance

Vaikuntam is the abode where the supreme power Sri Maha Vishnu resides on the cosmic abyss carried by Aadisesha. During Ekadasi and Dwadasi celestial beings like Maharshis, Devas and Prajapatis visit Sri Maha Vishnu at Vaikuntam to seek blessings. Normally to see Sri Maha Vishnu one must pass through gates guarded by Jaya and Vijaya. However on these specific dates these gates are open for all celestial beings to have direct darshan of the Lord.

Visiting any Vaishnava temple on these two days enhances the blessings received from Sri Maha Vishnu manifold compared to regular days.

Tirumala is the only temple constructed with Vaikunta Dwaram in its inner precincts. The Srivari temple also known as Ananda Nilayam, has a separate gate called Vaikunta Dwaram. During the darshan timings on January 2nd, devotees are permitted to enter the temple through Vaikunta Dwaram instead of the Golden Vaakili (main entrance). This special arrangement continues for the following 9 days after Vaikunta Ekadasi, facilitating Vaikunta Darshanam for all devotees.

Tirumala Vaikunta Ekadasi Dwara Darshan 2024 & Booking Process

Every year, devotees have the opportunity to enter the Vaikunta Dwaram at Tirumala Temple on Vaikunta Ekadasi and Vaikunta Dwadasi. This year, Vaikunta Ekadasi falls on January 2nd, 2024. To facilitate this special darshan, TTD has made arrangements for issuing 80,000 darshan tickets over a period of 10 days starting from January 2024.

how you can book tickets:

  1. On the booking day, visit The homepage will have updated dates for online booking.
  2. Click on the link “BOOK TIRUMALA SRIVARI VAIKUNTA EKADASI TICKETS HERE”. The booking process is similar to that of the 300 rupees Special Entry Darshan tickets.
  3. Wait for the online virtual queue timer and enter your mobile number. Fill in the captcha code to receive a Mobile OTP.
  4. Enter the OTP and choose your desired date for darshan. Each day has over 20 slots, with 4000 tickets available per slot.
  5. Provide details such as name, age, gender, and ID proof. Ensure all information is accurate.
  6. Complete the transaction to confirm your booking. Note that accommodation with darshan is not available due to high demand.
  7. After completing the transaction, print your tickets. You will also receive booking details on your mobile number for reference.
  • Dress Code: Devotees must wear traditional attire as specified in the Special Entry ticket receipt.
  • Reporting: Carry the mentioned ID proof and report at Vaikuntam Q complex Gate 2 at your designated time slot.
  • Cancellation and Transfer: No cancellations or transfers are allowed once the Vaikunta Dwara Darshan ticket is generated.
  • Prasadams: Each ticket holder receives two small laddus after completing the darshan at the temple.

This process ensures that devotees can participate in the auspicious Vaikunta Dwara Darshanam at Tirumala with ease and adherence to necessary guidelines.

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