Kanaka Durga Temple 2024 : Accomodation & Online Booking

Kanaka Durga Temple is one of the significant Hindu te Read Moreem roles across the regions of Vijayawada in India. Krishna river continues its journey in a mountain named Indrakeeladri. The temple is designed to house the Goddess Kanaka Durga in Brhamachiryanjanam. They also stated that she came into this world on her own and as a result, she possesses divine attributes.

Kanaka Durga Temple Official Website

This temple has a well-known legend associated with the same that the natives of Vijayawada got freedom from the evils after winning over the demon king known as Mahishasura by Kanakadurga. The image of the goddess in the temple is of the goddess kali with eight hands each having a weapon on it standing on the demon who was killed by kanakadurga. The independence structure in this park and many people come here to pay their homage to this temple particularly during Navratra festival. This festival ends with Navaratri and each night the devotees pray the different form of Goddess Durga.

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History Of Kanaka Durga Temple

Hindu temple of Kanaka Durga Temple is situated in the city of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh of India. This is situated in Indrakeeladri hill and very near to Krishna river which is found in Andhra pradesh. This temple is specifically devoted to Kanaka Durga Devi or popularly known as Durga. Some folks thought that she came into being by the mere hand of the goddess (in fact, she was born) and that she is very strong. The legend arises that one day the demon king Mahishasura was an inciter of unexpected incidents.

Once, there was a saint named Indrakila who began to appeal to the Goddess Durga in his prayers. Instead, he asked her to keep these in mind and to help keep the wicked demons from getting to him. He nodded and stood on Indrakeeladri He also killed Mahiṣāsura and provided jusitce to the Vijayavādas. The temple is more than 300 years old; however, its existence has been described in numerous historic documents, including Kalika Purana and Durga Saptashati. Reportedly it was constructed during the Chalukya empire, which is supposed to have been in the 8th century. It has been built and remodeled and made lovely, over the years.

Overview of Kanaka Durga Temple

Official NameSri Durga Malleswara Swamyvarla Devasthanam
LocationVijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
DeityKanaka Durga
SignificanceThe deity is considered Swayambhu (self-manifested) and very powerful.
LegendKnown for the triumph of Kanaka Durga over the demon King Mahishasura.
FestivalsNavaratri/Dasara, with special pujas and a large number of pilgrims attending.
ArchitectureDravidian style, with the temple located on the Indrakeeladri hill.
Worship FormsTen forms of Kanaka Durga are worshipped during the ten days of Navaratri.

Procedure To Book The Ticket Of Kanaka Durga Pooja

To book online Darshan tickets for the Kanaka Durga Temple, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • First of all you need to go to the official website of Sri Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam, which is dedicated to the Kanaka Durga Temple. You can easily find this website through a search engine.
Kanaka Durga Temple Official Website online booking Option
  • Look for the ‘Online Booking’ section on the homepage of the temple’s website. This section is typically prominently displayed for easy access.
  • Under the ‘Darshanam’ category, you can book the auspicious sight of the deity. This can be done either online or at the ticket counter of the temple.
  • Once you’ve entered the Darshanam section, select the type of Darshan or Seva you wish to perform. There may be different options available, such as regular Darshan, special Darshan, or specific Seva ceremonies.
  • After selecting the type of Darshan or Seva, choose the date for your visit from the available calendar. Then, pick a Darshan timing slot that suits your schedule. These slots may vary depending on the demand and availability.
  • Proceed to the payment section and complete the payment for the ticket through the online portal. Ensure that you provide accurate payment details and follow any security protocols specified by the website.
  • After successfully completing the payment, take a printout of the ticket for reference when you visit the temple. This printed ticket will serve as your confirmation and entry pass for the chosen Darshan or Seva.

By following these step by step instructions, you can easily book online Darshan tickets for the Kanaka Durga Temple and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience during your visit to the temple.

What are the types of Poojas are exist in The Temple

There are so many poojas are available in the officil site of the Kanaka Durga temple, Moreover here is the list

Pratyaksha Seva : Pratyaksha seva is a type of seva, Available in the kanaka durga temple in this pooja the booked person is exist in the pooja which is done for the matha durga devi in the temple, moreover you are able to get the blessings of the couple.

Paroksha Seva : Paroksha Seva is a type of seva in which the person in not present in the time of the pooja, but he will have the pooja in his name also you will get blessings.

Darshanam Seva : Darshanam is not a seva or pooja it is only a service in which you able to see the idol only, there is no any other thing is exist, rather then that.

Accomodation Booking Of Kanaka Durga Temple

To book Seva or Darshan tickets online for the Kanaka Durga Temple, follow these steps:

  • First Of all you need to open your web browser and navigate to the official website of the Durga Malleswara Swamy Varla Devasthanam.
  • Fater that you reached the homepage look for the ‘Seva Booking‘ or ‘Darshan Booking‘ option. This option is usually located prominently on the homepage or in the main navigation menu.
  • After clicking on the ‘Seva Booking’ or ‘Darshan Booking’ option you will be directed to a page where you can choose your preferred service, date and time. These Services may include various types of Seva or Darshan experiences in which so many people are awaiting for them, so select the one that best suits your desired one.
  • Now, once you have chosen your service, date and time you wil need to provide the necessary details to complete the booking process please fill the details only if they are correct. This typically includes your name, contact information (such as phone number and email address) and any other required information as specified on the booking page.
  • After providing the necessary details, there is a need of review for your booking information to ensure everything is correct or not. after that you have to , proceed to confirm and complete the booking process. This may involve making a payment online you can use oth credit / debit cards also if you have phone pay and any other apps you can refer simply UPI, depending on the temples booking system.
  • After completing the booking process, you should receive a confirmation of your Seva or Darshan booking via email or SMS. Make sure to keep this confirmation handy, as you may need to present it when you visit the temple.

By following these steps, you can easily book Seva or Darshan tickets online for the Kanaka Durga Temple and plan your visit in advance.

Accommodation Options:

  • Madapati Guest House: Offers A.C and Non A.C rooms (15 & 16 in number).
  • Indrakeeladri Guest House: Provides A.C and Non-A.C rooms (8 & 16 in number).

Remember to check the availability of rooms on the temple website and pre-book according to your convenience. If rooms are not available at the Devasthanam accommodation, private accommodations are also available in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I book accommodation at Kanaka Durga Temple?
You can book comfortable and clean AC/Non-AC rooms, suite rooms, and hotels with all amenities near the temple through the official temple website

2. Is online booking available for Darshanam and Sevas at Kanaka Durga Temple?
Yes, you can book Darshanam (sacred viewing of the deity) and various Sevas (services) online. You can participate in Pratyaksha Seva (in-person service) or Paroksha Seva (worship from anywhere in the world) by booking tickets on the temple’s official website

3. Can I donate to Kanaka Durga Temple online?
Absolutely, devotees from anywhere can donate to the temple using easy payment methods like credit card, debit card, and UPI transactions through the temple’s website

4. Where can I find more information about the services offered by Kanaka Durga Temple?
For detailed information about the different services, you can visit the temple’s official website. They provide updates on various Sevas, Darshanam, and accommodation facilities

5. Are there any budget hotels near Kanaka Durga Temple?
Yes, there are budget-friendly hotels near the temple. You can search and compare prices from top providers through travel websites like Skyscanner

Remember to check the official temple website for the most current information and updates regarding your visit in 2024¹.

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