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Srikalahasti Temple temple is a masterpiece. Take your time and look around. Inside, the columns look brand new, as they did many years ago, having been protected from decay by nature. When you visit, make sure you have enough time to take in the beauty and spirit of the place. The interior of the temple was built in the 5th century and the exterior was added in the 12th century by the Chola and Vijayanagara emperors. Vayu, the god of wind, is portrayed here as Shiva and is known in art as the lord of elephants.

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Once you walk through the gates of the temple, you can see an ancient idol of Sri Jnana Prasunambika Devi on the left. The first is that it is now out for a few reasons, but many people still adore it. No one, not even priests ever touch the special symbol or lingam of Shiva. A mixture of water, milk, camphor and other religious liquids is applied to the body and purified. Sandal flour, flowers and sacred thread are offered to another idol used in ceremonies, not to the main Linga. The temple entrance has a huge tower that is 120 feet high and the whole place is decorated with artwork.

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The History Of Srikalahasti Temple

For over two thousand years, ancient Tamil writings have described Srikalahasti as the ‘Kailas of the South’ and the nearby small river as the ‘Ganges of the South.’ Kailas is a very important spiritual place in India, believed to be the home of Shiva.

According to stories, the Ganges river starts from Shiva’s head. Shiva represents everything good and is a symbol of our true self. The Ganges coming from his head is like an enlightened mind, full of great power and kindness.

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Overview of Srikalahasti Temple

DeitySrikalahasteeswara (Shiva), Gnana Prasunambika Devi (Parvati)
LocationSrikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh, India
ArchitectureDravidian architecture
Historical SignificanceConstructed around the 5th century; outer temple by Chola emperors in the 11th century
FestivalsMaha Sivaratri
Unique FeatureVayu Lingam (Wind Lingam), one of the Pancha Bhuta Sthalams, representing the wind
LegendsSite where Kannappa was ready to offer his eyes to stop blood flowing from the linga
RitualsFamous for Rahu-Ketu Pooja, performed even on Grahanam Days
Darshan Timings5:00 am – 9:30 pm
Daily Pooja ActivitiesMultiple poojas throughout the day, including Rudrabhishekam and Nithya Kalyanam

Procedure To Book The Srikalahasti Temple Darshan Ticket

If you are willing to book an darshan tickets for Srikalahasti temple, then you shouldhave follow these following steps:

To book the Srikalahasti Temple Darshan ticket offline, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Srikalahasti Temple in person.
  2. Go to the ticket counter available at the temple premises.
  3. Choose the type of Darshan you wish to have. There are different types of Darshan tickets available, such as Sheegra Darshan, which costs Rs.200 per person.
  4. Provide the necessary details required for the booking, which may include your name, contact information, and ID proof.
  5. Pay for the ticket at the counter. Payment can usually be made in cash or, in some cases, by card.
  6. Collect your ticket and receipt.

Please note that during festival days or special occasions, the waiting time for Darshan can be longer, and it’s advisable to reach the temple early¹. It’s also recommended to check the latest guidelines and procedures, as they can change based on the temple administration’s policies. Enjoy your visit to the Srikalahasti Temple

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The Sevas And Their Pricing

Seva TypeSeva NamePrice (INR)
Arjitha SevasSuprabatham50
Arjitha SevasArchana200
Arjitha SevasThomala Seva300
Arjitha SevasEkantha Seva150
Swastha SevasAbhishekam500
Swastha SevasSahasranamarchana300
Swastha SevasNitya Kalyanam1000
Swastha SevasUnjal Seva300

Please note that the prices are approximate and subject to change. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s best to check the official Srikalahasti Temple website or contact the temple authorities directly.


What is Srikalahasti Temple?
Srikalahasti Temple is a famous Hindu temple in Andhra Pradesh, India. It’s dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is worshipped as Kalahasteeswara.

How old is Srikalahasti Temple?
The inner part of the temple was built around the 5th century, and the outer part was built in the 11th century by Chola kings.

Why is Srikalahasti Temple special?
It’s known for the Vayu Lingam, which represents the wind element. It’s one of the Pancha Bhoota Stalams, temples that represent the five elements of nature.

Can anyone visit Srikalahasti Temple?
Yes, it’s open to all people, no matter what religion they follow.

What are the main rituals at Srikalahasti Temple?
The Rahu Ketu Pooja is a famous ritual performed here to remove negative effects of planets in astrology.

Are there any stories about Srikalahasti Temple?
Yes, one story is about a spider, snake, and elephant who worshipped Shiva and were granted liberation by him. The temple’s name comes from these creatures: Sri (spider), Kala (snake), and Hasti (elephant).

What should visitors remember?
Visitors should dress modestly and photography is not allowed inside the temple. Also, after performing certain rituals like the Rahu Ketu Pooja, it’s advised not to visit other temples on the same day.

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