TTD Lucky Dip 2024: Online Registeration & Check Results

TTD Lucky Dip is a great chance. if you are really wanting to get the best experience of the rare and sacred sevas of the Lord Venkateswara Swamy in the region of the Tirumala tirupathi. Morever you have greater chance in which you are able to book the tickets in the Lucky Dip form, which is a mainly a Electronic Dip System. In This system the devotes and the pilgrimes of the tirumala are able to get the sevas like Suprabatha Darshanam, Seva Nijapada and Archana Type of the sevas.

TTD Lucky Dip Official website

These are the sevas which are happens to closer to the main idol of the venkateswara Swamy. However these sevas are highly in demand thats why they are not available in general booking of the ttd. For this the ttd has introduced lucky dip. Lucky dip is great chance for you to get the ticket for your darshan meanwhile there so many devotees are there who are looking for it, so if you want to avail it you have to follow the given below guidelines for you better search and to solve all your problems.meanwhioe you are also able to get the procedure process to apply for lucky dip an registeration process

TTD Seva Online Tickets Booking 2024: Darshans & Accommod

Procedure To Apply For TTD Lucky Dip

  • First of all you have to go the official TTD website at and create an account or log in.
  • After that Go to the “Seva Electronic Dip” section which is available in the menu and e form here you are able to enter the details of the pilgrim who wants to attend the seva. Only one pilgrim can register for one seva per month.
  • Select the seva and the date you want to attend from the available options. You can select multiple sevas and dates, but you will be allotted only one seva per month if you are lucky.
  • Submit your registration and wait for the lucky dip results to be announced. You will receive an SMS and email if you are selected for any seva.
  • Complete the payment for the seva ticket online within the specified time limit. You will receive a confirmation and receipt for your booking.

What are the benefits of the TTD Lucky Dip

Some benefits of lucky dip ttd are:

  • Lucky Dip gives to the devotees a great opportunity to attend the sevas which they like to do other than it is very hard to book or unavailable.
  • It reduces the hassle of booking the sevas in advance or waiting in long queues.
  • It enhances the devotion and faith of the devotees who believe that the dip is a divine intervention.
  • It helps TTD manage the huge demand and supply of the sevas in an efficient and transparent way

Overview of the darshan

EventTTD Lucky Dip 2024
PurposeTo provide devotees a chance to participate in special sevas through a lottery system
Sevas IncludedThomala Seva, Suprabatha Seva, Kalyanotsavam, Nijapada Darshan, Asta Dala Padmaradhanamu
Registration Start Date5th of every month
Registration End Date10th of every month
Registration Process1. Visit the official TTD website
6. Submit the registration form
Result Announcement5 days after the registration closes
Result Checking Process1. Visit the official TTD website
Payment ProcessIf selected, make the payment online within 3 days
Official Website[TTD Official Website]

Which Sevas are Available in TTD Lucky Dip?

The sevas that are available in TTD lucky dip are:

  • Suprabhatam: This is the first and foremost seva performed in the temple every morning. It is a ritual of waking up Lord Venkateswara with sacred hymns and prayers.
  • Thomala: This is a seva of making the deity with fresh flowers and garlands.
  • Archana: This is a seva of reciting the 108 names of Lord Venkateswara and offering tulasi leaves to him.
  • Kalyanotsavam: This is a seva of celebrating the divine marriage of Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavati with pomp and ceremony.
  • Nijapada Darshanam: This is a seva of having a glimpse of the lotus feet of Lord Venkateswara, which are usually covered with gold ornaments.
  • Astadala Padmaradhanam: This is a seva of offering 108 golden lotuses to Lord Venkateswara and seeking his blessings.

How to Register for TTD Lucky Dip?

To register for TTD lucky dip, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official booking portal of TTD or follow this guide for more details.
  • If you are a registered user, enter your login details and sign in. If you are not a registered user, click on sign up and create an account with your details.
  • In the menu, select “Seva Electronic Dip”.
  • Enter the pilgrim details, such as name, Aadhar card number, and phone number. Only one pilgrim is allowed to participate in the lucky dip per account.
  • Select the dates and the sevas that you want to attend. You can select multiple dates and multiple sevas as well.
  • Click on submit and confirm your selection. Your registration will be submitted to TTD.

FAQs about TTD Lucky Dip

What is TTD Lucky Dip?
TTD Lucky Dip is a lottery system that gives devotees a chance to participate in special sevas at the Tirumala temple.

How can I register for TTD Lucky Dip?
You can register online on the official TTD website. Create an account, fill in your details, select the sevas and dates, and submit the form.

When can I register for TTD Lucky Dip?
Registration is open from the 5th to the 10th of every month.

What sevas are included in TTD Lucky Dip?
Sevas like Thomala Seva, Suprabatha Seva, Kalyanotsavam, Nijapada Darshan, and Asta Dala Padmaradhanamu are included.

How are the results announced?
Results are announced 5 days after the registration closes. You can check the results on the TTD website by logging into your account.

What should I do if I am selected?
If you are selected, you need to make the payment online within 3 days to confirm your participation.

Can I participate in multiple sevas?
Yes, you can select multiple sevas and dates during the registration process.

. Is there any fee for registration?
No, there is no fee for registration. However, if you are selected, you need to pay for the seva.

Can I register offline?
No, the registration for TTD Lucky Dip is only available online.

. What happens if I do not make the payment on time?
If you do not make the payment within the given time, your selection will be canceled, and the opportunity will be given to another devotee.

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