TTD Mobile App Tirumala Balaji, Sevas, Darshan, Mobile Booking 2024

The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) Board is pioneering the use of technology to enhance the experience for devotees visiting Tirumala Balaji. They uphold the values of Sanathana Dharma while embracing the latest technological advancements. As one of the largest and most significant pilgrimage centers, Tirumala attracts between 5 to 10 crore visitors annually.

Devotees can conveniently book darshan tickets, Arjitha Sevas, and accommodation online up to 3 months in advance through the website To further aid devotees, the TTD Board has recently introduced the Govinda Mobile application. This app allows users to book Special Entry Darshan, check room availability, and enroll for the TTD Lucky Dip. It also provides updates related to Govinda Tirumala – Tirupati through the mobile platform.

TTD Seva Online Tickets Booking 2024: Darshans

How to use TTD Mobile App for Bookings?

To use the TTD Mobile App Govinda for booking Darshan, Seva, and Accommodation online, follow these steps:

  1. Download the App: Search for the Govinda Mobile app on the Play Store (for Android) or the App Store (for iOS) and download it for free. Android users need an OS version of 5.0 or higher, while iOS users should have version 8.0 or higher.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: If you don’t have a TTD user login, sign up for one through the app. Follow the registration procedure if you are a new user.
  3. Available Services: The Govinda Tirumala Mobile application offers the following online services:
  • Booking for 300 Special Entry darshan.
  • Reservation of accommodation and rooms in guest houses.
  • Booking of Tirumala Marriages via Kalyana Vedika.
  • Making Hundi donations in Srivari Corpus Hundi.
  • Participating in the TTD Arjitha Seva Electronic Dip.
  • Purchasing or subscribing to Sapthagiri and Publications.

By using the Govinda Mobile app, devotees can conveniently access and manage these services related to Tirumala Balaji online.

User-friendly UIEasy-to-navigate interface for pilgrims.
Pilgrim-friendly loginLogin using mobile number and OTP for convenience.
Real-time notificationsReceive updates on darshan availability, events, and more.
Live streaming of Videos & AudiosAccess live broadcasts from the temple.
Services bookingAvail services like Special Entry Darshan, Accommodation, Srivari Sevas, Hundi, and donations.

E Special Entry Darshan, online booking in Tirumala Mobile App:

To book E Special Entry Darshan and Arjitha Seva online using the Tirumala Mobile App, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the mobile app and go to the home screen.
  2. Choose the option for Darshan booking. Select the month and then the specific date you wish to visit. Specify the number of devotees for whom you want to book tickets. Also choose the preferred time slot for entry into the temple.
  3. Enter all necessary details of the pilgrims, similar to what is required on the website. This typically includes names, ages, and any other relevant information.
  4. Pay the required amount online for the booked tickets.
  5. You can view and check your booked tickets in the Booking History section available on the login page of the app.
  6. On the day of your visit, make sure to carry the printout of the ticket and a valid ID proof for entry at the designated gate for darshan.

Accommodation booking, online Arjitha Sevas reservations, and registration for the Electronic Lucky-dip can also be done through the same Tirumala Mobile App.


How can I download the TTD Mobile App?

You can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Can I book darshan tickets through the app?

Yes, you can book darshan tickets using the TTD Mobile App. Choose the desired darshan type and follow the booking process.

Is accommodation booking available on the app?

Yes, you can reserve accommodation (rooms) through the app. Select the date, number of devotees and preferred time slot for entry into the temple.

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